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Senior Portraits - Not just any old Pix

Updated: May 16, 2018

WOW!! So as a photographer my favorite, absolute favorite sessions are portraits (especially Senior Portraits). Theres just something about being able to capture the essence of a person.

It's a time of celebration, remembrance and some good old fun!!!

I love the planning, changes of clothes, different locations, cap and gown, posing and all that's part of a portrait session. But one of the best parts is going through the pictures and seeing all the personality and beauty of each one.

I love editing pictures, correcting maybe an acne spot here and there, doing some lighting correcting, smoothing skin, maybe lengthening the eyelashes a little!! I love it!!!

I know sometimes it can be a little hard choosing the favorites when it's time to see the online gallery, but its okay you can choose to have them all.

What a way to end your senior year with an amazing portrait that you'll never forget. So I'm still booking senior portraits till the end of the school year. LOVE IT!!

Check out the senior portrait pacakges


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