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So, you're probably wondering who I am and if it is possible to learn Spanish in as little as 3 months. Well let me tell you that I did. When I moved to Mexico I had a very hard time understanding the people around me even though I had taken a college course in Spanish just before going. I had learned som Spanish and thought I got this... Well, I didn't.

I made it my purpose to learn Spanish and fast and as well as I could. I jumbled up the language, made a fool of myself, confused some very compromising words and guess what? I learned it 3 months. People could not believe that I had learned Spanish that quickly.

My goal is to to teach you just as I learned. No words or phrases that real people don't use. No Spanish from countries where you are not going to go. It's the Spanish that people use and what you need to know. Immerse yourself in Spanish, lets's get talking and get going. Speaking Spanish doesn't have to be a dream anymore, you can make it happen.

I'm not saying it wasn't easy, but I am saying it wasn't impossible. I ended up living in Mexico for ten years, starting a business, serving at a church, and getting married to a wonderful Mexican Man. I know live in Dallas Texas and most of my business caters to Spanish speaking people. Now, I did it, you can too!!

Do I really need a teacher to learn?

Knowing Spanish these days really isn't something that is just a plus but a necesity. It's amazing how many doors are opened (or closed ) by the simple ability to speak and understand Spanish.  I used to say, I am going to study a little bit everyday, I would start but never continue because it was just too hard.

When I moved to Mexico and realized I should have paid more attention to my Spanish teachers in high school, it was already too late. I was in a foreign country and was very limited by my lack of Spanish.

Well let me tell you that the story doesn't end there. Three months later I had so much Spanish that many people thougt I was born in a Spanish speaking country. Learning a language has everything to do with immersing yourself with it, learning basic gramatical structures, and having being able to converse.

These private lessons are completely dedicated to you and your need for Spanish. Of course there are basic concepts and grammar that everyone needs to know but there is nothing like starting from your level. You may know a little bit already, starting from zero or you just need someone to practice with. That is why  I am here.

I will tailor a plan that will get you speaking and understanding the same way I did. If I could do it, so can you! ¡ANIMO!

Don't wait anylonger, let's get started ASAP! You have no idea how much you can learn and how fast you can learn it if you just decide to start. ¡BIENVENIDO!

How Classes Work

Classes are via telephone, Skype, Facetime or in person if you are in the DFW area. Packages can be scheduled for a little as an hour up to 3 hours of time in the same session. You can choose your package below and choose how you would like to arrange our class schedule. I reccommend at lease 3 classes of atleast an hour a week.

The initial class is an  introduction and  part of it is designated to find out about your spefic needs.  I will tailor a plan to  fit your desired outcomes and we will get to work. Our sessions are based on introducing you the language immediately through conversational Spanish, key phrases and grammar, tips and clues for better pronunciation and homework to reinforce each lesson.

Benefits of Learning Spanish

Get ready to open for your ears to open to the world of Spanish. Learning a new language has been one of the most important achievements I have conquered. It opens you up to a world of possibilities. Imagine traveling to a Spanish speaking country and being able to avoid the stress of not understanding or being able to communicate with those around you? Imagine the market that will open up when you are able to reach a people in their native tongue.

My photography business has over half its profit from Spanish speaking customers. People I would have never been able to reach if I hand't learned the language.  It has opened my possibilites in so many realms.

Reach out

If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me an email and I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Fluent NOW Package

This is your super savings package. You're decided, committed and ready to learn. This package  has a total of 30 hours available of one on one classes. It is redeemable for up to two months.


Let's Start

This package is also a great deal and gets you going ASAP . This package offers 12 hours of Spanish learning completely tailored to you. You choose the frequency! The hours in this package are redeemable for one month. 


Lesson By Lesson

You decide when you want a class and when to pay it. This package is $100 dollars an hour. Take advantage, try an hour and see if you like it. No strings attached.


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