About Me

Hello there! HOLA!! It's me Christina, my friends and family in Mexico call me Christy. I was born in Texas but grew up in San Jose, California. I currently live in Dallas with my husband (who is from Guadalajara)  and travel frequently to Mexico where my husband's family lives.


Ok, so I love photography but that's not it. I am in love with life and being able to bring joy to other people's life. Teaching and building up other women is a real passion of mine. Alongside being a a photographer, I am a singer/songwriter, I teach photography workshops, and give personalized business building courses for women entrepreneurs.  I also am fluent in Spanish and help other women learn Spanish as they pursue their dreams whatever they may be.

I have always been fascinating with media and sharing either videos, music or photos with the hope of encouraging and helping others.  I am a entrepreneur at heart starting my first formal business while living in Mexico as a missionary about 15 years ago. I met my husband in Aguascalientes, Mexico  and  we have been married for 7 years. (Time flies!!)

I'm a portrait and wedding  photographer at heart and I love being able to  share the essence of women! I would love to hear from you and hear a little bit  about your story. Whether you're looking for a portrait, wedding session or a business consulting session contact me. No strings attached ever.  - There's nothing like finding your passion and running after it with all you heart until you become all God intented you to be.

606 N. Edgefield Ave

Dallas, TX 75208